Upload Files (Resources/Drop Box Tools)


Instructors can upload files (documents, images, audio, video) to folders in the Resources and Drop Box tools. Students can upload files to their own folders in the Drop Box tool. In addition, instructors can modify the permissions in the Resources tool to allow students to upload and delete files to individual folders or to all folders in the Resources tool.

Uploading Files

upload filesClick on the "Add" arrow to the right of the folder in which you want to place a new file and select the "Upload Files" option.

Browsing for File

browse for file

Click on the "Browse" button to open a file browser on your local computer and browse to the folder that contains the file you want to upload (the file can be on your H:/ drive as well). Select the file and click the "Open" button; the file name will be displayed in the "File to Upload" box. If you wish, you can specify a name to be displayed in place of the actual file name.

Click on the "Add details for this item" link if you want to manage access dates to the file. To add additional files, click the "Add Another File" link. You can upload a maximum of 50 MB of files at one time.