New Features in WISE 2.9

General Updates

Collapsible toolbar navigation enhanced with descriptive icons (see it here)
"Users present" list moved to bottom right corner; can be toggled open and closed (default is closed)
Settings icon at top right of tab bar provides direct access to Profile and Preferences tools (see it here)
Jump from the tab bar directly to a tool in a different site (see it here)

Improved rich-text editor:

  • increased speed
  • better performance with most mobile devices
  • direct copy/paste from Microsoft Word without Microsoft formatting characters
  • addition of math editing (see it here)

My Workspace:

  • the Calendar widget displays the originating site information for each event entry (see it here)
  • improved tools for managing sites displayed in the tab bar (Preferences>Customize Tabs) (see it here)


The ability to submit an assignment as a student: (see it here)

Turnitin integration enhancements: (see them here)

  • embedded guidelines for submissions
  • submission repository selection
  • choice on when to generate originality reports
  • choice of sources to check originality against


Grading and Statistics combined on single page (see it here)
Bulk grading (see it here)
"Threads" changed to "Conversations" (see it here)
Word count display for messages (see it here)

New and Improved Settings: (see them here)

  • Setting at Forum and Topic level to require users to post before than can read posts
  • Option to set open (show) and close (hide) dates
  • Improved permissions settings layout


Grade manipulation enhancements:

  • drop highest
  • drop lowest
  • keep highest

Table columns in the "All Grades" screen can be hidden individually; hidden columns are not removed from grade, but the display is simplified for graders

Added PDF export in addition to Excel and .csv formats


New tool promoted to the core, fully supported tool set.
Provides a way to structure content. Useful features include:

  • organizing and presenting material by unit or week
  • defining sequences of materials
  • linking material to Resources, Assignments and Tests & Quizzes tools
  • limiting to access to materials until prerequisites are met
  • importing publisher content or content from other sources that support the Common Cartridge protocols

Allows students to create pages in a students-only context
Allows comments to be enabled on a per-page basis


Upload and expand zip files
Optional checkbox in Actions>Edit Details to generate a short URL for resource access


Ability to set a maximum number of time slots for which a participant is able to sign up

Site Info


  • Link in the "Unpublished Site" warning box to publish the site with a single click (see it here)

Timestamp at the bottom of the Participants list to show when last change was made (see it here)


  • Ability to create random groups based on number of groups desired or number of participants per group
  • Ability to create groups based on .csv file import


  • Ability to set display language at the site level (see it here)

Tests & Quizzes

New tabbed display improves organization of published and working copies of assessments
Set score(s) for student(s) who have not submitted work
Ability to select random question ordering after an assessment has been published
Ability to place the due date of an assessment on the calendar
Addition of a matrix survey question type
Scientific and complex number notation support
Grader comments included in Export