Quick Start Guide

Browser Requirements:

Windows PC: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape 8.0 or higher
Mac: Firefox, Netscape 8.0 or higher

Logging on

To log into WISE, type "http://wise.willamette.edu" in the address bar of your web browser. Click the login button at the top center of the screen; enter your Willamette user name and password in the popup box and click "Enter."

Once you are logged in, you will see a screen like this one:

delete me

Each user has an individual site, called My Workspace, which is the landing spot when you log in. You can use My Workspace to provide information about yourself to other WISE users via the Profile tool and to view a list of sites you belong to or join public sites using the Membership tool. The Schedule tool (Calendar) displays events scheduled for all your sites; you can also add your own events to your personal calendar. The Resources tool provides space to maintain a personal file cabinet of materials.

Navigation Bars

Site Navigation Bar

The Site Navigation bar that runs across the page directly under the WISE header lists all the sites you are a member of. If you belong to a large number of site, a "more" dropdown box at the end of the navigation bar will display additional sites.

Tool Navigation Bar

The tools available in each site appear as links in the left hand tool navigation bar. Each site will have a unique set of tools determined by the site owner.

Tool Pages

When you select a tool from the Tool Navigation Bar, you will be taken to the tool landing page. Each tool landing page will have these common elements:

Tool title bar with the name of the tool, a tool reset button (the "circular" blue arrows next to the tool name), and a context-sensitive link to the basic Sakai help documentation.

Links to the functions that the tool performs.

General Navigation

WISE is designed with a complete set of internal navigation links (the tool reset arrows, "Complete", "OK", "Cancel", "Back" buttons at the bottoms of each screen, etc.). The browser "Back" button doesn't work reliably and you will need to train yourself to use the internal navigation.