Access to WISE Sites

Course Sites

Course sites are generated automatically for all College of Liberal Arts classes (except Exercise Science activity classes and Music private lessons (piano, voice, etc.)), Graduate School of Education, Atkinson Graduate School of Management and College of Law classes. Other course sites, including TIUA classes, can be requested by emailing the WISE administrators; include the instructor's name, course ID and section number and course name.

Instructors: Instructors of record will automatically be enrolled in WISE course sites with the Instructor role. Additional instructors may be added manually using the Site Info>Add Participants tool.

Students registered for credit: Students who are officially registered for classes will automatically enrolled in WISE course sites with the Student Role. WISE course enrollment is updated every morning at 5:00 AM until the end of the add/drop period. Students may be added to course sites manually, but they will be removed by the next update if they have not officially added the course.

"Unofficial" Students: Students who, for any reason, are not officially registered for a class but who require access to a WISE site must be manually entered and given the Temp Student role. This role has the same privileges and permissions as the Student role, but it is not subjected to the automatic updating process. Anyone who is enrolled in a site manually and given the Student role will be removed from the site at 5:00 AM when the automatic update process runs.

Teaching Assistants: Instructors can manually enroll teaching assistants with the Teaching Assistant role.

Academic Listeners: Instructors can manually enroll participants who have academic listener status. This role has the same privileges and permissions as the Student role, but it is not subjected to the automatic updating process.

Librarians: Instructors can manually enroll university librarians using the Librarian role. This role give librarians the permissions to add library resources to a course site as requested by the instructor.

Administrative Assistants: Instructors can manually enroll department administrative assistants, with their approval, using the Administrative Assistant role. Administrative assistants can create assignments, add events to course site schedules and post materials to the Resources tool.

Guests (without Willamette user ID): Once a course has been published, guest users can be enrolled in course sites using the Non-official Participants box in the Site Info>Add Participants tool. Enter the users' complete email address. Guests may be assigned any of the above roles. On the "Add participant(s) to YourSite" page, select the "Send now" email option; guest users will be sent a welcome message that includes a WISE password.

Project Sites

Project sites are created on an ad-hoc basis for committees, student organizations, research groups, advising groups - limited only by your needs and your imaginations. To request a site, email the WISE administrators; include the following information:

  • Your name
  • At least 2 preferred names for your site
  • A brief description of the purpose of the site
  • The duration of the site (Fall term 08, 2008-09, forever)
  • For students, the name of a faculty or staff sponsor

The person requesting a project site is automatically enrolled as the owner of the site with the Maintain role. This role has full permissions to manage the site. Other site members must be enrolled manually by the site owner and are normally given the Access role.

Publishing or "Turning on" Your WISE Sites

Just a reminder that WISE course sites will not be visible to anyone but you until you choose to “Publish” the site. In other words, even with all of the automated ways that participants may be added to your course site, no one but you will be able to see this site until you "Publish" it. To publish your site, go into your WISE course or project site and click on Site Info on the Tool Navigation bar. Click Manage Access at the top of the Site Info page, then check the box by "Publish Site."

publish site

You can make your site available to the entire WISE community (all Willamette users and any guest users added by Willamette site owners) by checking the box "Can be joined by..." and selecting the role that will be assigned to all new participants.

Unpublished Sites

Sites that have not yet been published are identified by a maroon block directly under the "My Workspace" tab with the text "Unpublished Site."

unpublished site