The Assignments Tool - Instructors


You can use the Assignments tool to create, distribute, collect, return and grade assignments. Assignments can be linked to the Gradebook and you can choose to have papers automatically submitted to Turnitin on submission for originality reports. You see all student submissions; each student sees only their own.

Quick Start

Click the Add menu item under the Assignments tool title bar. Create a name for your assignment and set the open and close dates. Choose your desired submission type and how you want the assignment to be graded. Enter instructions in the editor box and click the "Attach file" link if you want to attach additional materials. Click Post when you are done. Students will see the assignment in their list based on the open date.

To revise or grade an assignment, click the appropriate link under the assignment name in the listing of assignments.

Adding Assignments

Adding Assignments

Select the Assignment tool from the site tools list at the left of the screen.

Select Add from the menu of tool options to go to the Add new assignment page. [screenshot]

Create a title for the assignment in the Title box.

Set the relevant assignment dates:

  • Open Date: the date and time that an assignment becomes visible to students. You can set up an assignment at any time, but students will not see it until this time
  • Due Date: the date and time that an assignment is due.
  • Accept Until: the date and time that an assignment will no longer be accepted. Any assignments submitted between the Due Date and the Accept Until date will be marked as late. Students only see the Due Date.
  • Resubmission Accept Until (optional, only displays if you have checked the "Allow Resubmissions" check box): the date and time that resubmissions will no longer be accepted.

When setting times, be careful to pay attention to the AM/PM dropdown box. You can click the [calendar] icon to select dates and times or enter them manually.

To discourage last minute submissions that may not squeak in under the wire at the due date, set the due date for an early morning hour. Assignments due at midnight receive many submissions a minute before (or sometimes after, oops!), while an assignment due at 4 or 5 AM will receive submissions at a wider range of times.

Select the way(s) that you would like students to submit their assignments.
  • Inline Only: students type their assignments into a editor box in WISE. Students using Mac OS should use Firefox when typing into the inline text editor.
  • Attachments Only: students attach their materials (multiple files OK) which you then download
  • Inline and Attachments: students can utilize either or both methods
  • Non-electronic: students hand you their assignments; you can still keep track of grades using the Assignments tool

You may optionally select the Allow Resubmissions checkbox to permit students to submit re-edited versions of their work. You can choose from 1-10 or unlimited resubmissions. Set the Accept Until date; a good date might be the date that you want to begin grading (you can also allow individual students to resubmit work as part of the grading process.)

Select the type of grading scale for the assignment from the Grade Scale dropdown box. Options are Ungraded, Letter grade, Points, Pass/Fail and Checkmark. If you specify points, you will need to enter the point value of the assignment. If you are using the WISE gradebook, you will be given the option to add the assignment to the gradebook, which will create a new entry in the Gradebook tool and automatically copy the grades.

Type the assignment instructions in the edit box. See Using the WISE Editor for additional information.

Assignment Options

Calendar: If you are using the Schedule tool, you can have WISE add the assignment due date to the course schedule. The event description in the calendar will contain a direct link to the assignment in the Assignments tool.

Announcements: If you are opening the assignment immediately, you can click the Announce the open date checkbox and WISE will add an entry to the Announcements tool. The notice will appear on the site Home page and on the Announcements tool page and will contain a direct link to the assignment in the Assignments tool.

Honor Pledge: Click the checkbox for Add honor pledge to require students to agree to the statement "I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment." Students will not be able to submit assignments without checking the box.

Turnitin: The Assignments tool is integrated with Turnitin; if you check the Use review service checkbox, submission attachments will automatically be passed to Turnitin for comparison with their database of student papers, internet sites, journal articles and periodicals. The originality report shows what portions of a paper "overlap" items from the database. Students may receive an email from Turnitin suggesting that they create an account, but this is not necessary. WISE will handle all interactions with Turnitin automatically.

Inline material entered in the WISE editor will not be sent to Turnitin. Turnitin can process attachments of the following types: plain text, HTML, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), Postscript, PDF, and Rich Text Format (RTF). Attachments must be under 10.5 MB. Turnitin reports should be returned within an hour of submission and can be viewed by clicking the [icon] on the assignment grading page. Hover your mouse over the icon to see the percentage of overlap reported; click on the icon to see the complete report. You can allow students to view the report in WISE by checking the Allow students to view report checkbox.