Wise Tools - The Blogger Tool


Web logs, or blogs, have become an integral part of the web experience. Using software such as Blogspot, Wordpress, or Movable Type, users are able to communicate thoughts and ideas about any variety of topics to the greater world. The blogger tool in WISE works much like any blogging software, allowing all users with the permissions to post, edit, and comment on blog entries like any other blogging software. This is an excellent tool for exposing reader response or student reflection assignments to peer view.

WISE provides two blogging tools, with slightly different foci. The "blogger" tool is designed around the idea of having one blog shared by multiple users. The "blogs" tool is focused around each individual having their own, individual, and separate web log. In both tools it is possible for users with the proper permissions to post comments and view the blog entry, however for the blogger tool all users will be shown one combined feed for every site member, while on the blogs tool each user has a separate blog, accessible from a central users list.