You guys are amazing!

Thanks to those who attended our Sushi Night and those who volunteered with us at Portland Marathon 2011! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Pictures will be up soon.

Rice Cook-off!

Join us for our annual ASA Rice Cook-off projected in November! Rice Cook-off is ASA's version of Iron Chef: Competitors cook a dish using rice, a rice cooker, and their own selected ingredients. The catch? Everything must be cooked in the rice cooker! Stay tuned for more details! 


Asian Student Association (ASA), part of the many Multicultural Organizations (OMA) on campus, serves to represent the interests and concerns of Asian students at Willamette University. The organization acts as a support network for its members and other students of Asian ancestry because we understand that the transition into a predominantly homogenous environment can be difficult. In addition, ASA will act as a campus-wide resource to promote cultural awareness and ethic diversity among the members of the Willamette community.