ASWU Senate Members

Senate President:

  • Kristen Kittelson 

Senate President Pro Tempore: 

  • Adrian Uphoff

Class of 2017 Senators:

  • Anna Carlin
  • Todd Denning
  • Luz Renya
  • Andrea Risolo
  • Kate Steffy*

Class of 2018 Senators:

  • Michael Chen
  • Joseph Landoni*
  • Derek Lund
  • Daniel Pekich
  • Miyano Sato**
  • Jack Wellmen

Class of 2019 Senators:

  • Conrad Bormann
  • Nate Dausman*
  • Gianina Lyons
  • Adrian Upoff
  • Akerah Mackey

Class of 2020 Senators:

  • Kotma Anjain
  • Kylah Clay*
  • Grace Gautereaux
  • Johnson Pham
  • Colin Troesken

*Class Whip

** ASP Senator 

Senate Meetings:

Every Thursday at 7:00 pm in the Kremer Board Room (Ford 102).

Senate meetings are open to the public and if you are interested in ASWU or have a question for Senate, feel free to attend.

Powers & Responsibilities of the Senate

  • The Senate shall enforce the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • The Senate shall be the ultimate authority over all ASWU affairs. This power may not be delegated to any other committee or board. All ASWU Committees, Boards, and Officers shall be accountable to Senate.
  • The Senate shall have the power to investigate and report on any area of student life and shall make any necessary recommendations to the proper person(s) or committee(s).
  • The Senate is also the final authority on all budgets recommended by Club Approval and Finance Board and the Treasurer.

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