Service Request

Service Request Electronic Contract.

(Actually read this)

By Submitting this Request I Agree:

  • That I am responsible for providing a safe environment for our technicians and gear
  • That I am responsible for providing adequate electricity for our gear
  • That I or my organization are responsible for any damage outside normal wear and tear or technician induced damage to our gear.
  • That I am responsible for clearly communicating the nature of the event in a timely fashion (48 hours prior to the event)
  • That If I am not a student of Willamette's College of Liberal Arts that I am responsible for payment as per our fee schedule*, and will provide an account number billable by ASWU Sound.

By Receiving this Request We Agree:

  • To attempt to put on every event received, prioritized by time of request.
  • To inform you on the Sunday before the event at the latest as our staffing your event.
  • In the event of staffing your event, to put on a most excellent show.

Current as of 10/13/2014

*See the ASWU Sound Home page for pricing.