Upcoming Events

Next trip: Day Hike to Eagle Creek
We walk. We talk. We admire the beautiful scenery. Come with Bennett and Michael to explore the outdoors! Sign-ups run Monday, March 8th at 12 noon through Thursday, March 11th, at 12 noon at the Montag Center. Cost is $5.

Be sure to check out more updates in our calendar section. Also, look out for e-mails from Janie!

About the Backpacking Club

It's a BIG world out there, so GO. Get off the grid and SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. Leave civilization behind and EXPLORE THE WILD SIDE of the world. You'll have experiences that you'll never forget. You'll see sights that will take your breath away. And you'll forge lifelong friendships with your fellow adventurers.

Willamette University's Backpacking Club is here to help you do that. We lead weekend backpacking expeditions and day hikes to parks and wilderness areas all over Oregon, teach outdoor education seminars on a wide variety of topics, and provide the equipment to make it all happen. In short, we are the heart of Willamette's backpacking community.

Whether you're a veteran backpacker or have never spent a night outdoors, we'll teach you everything you need to know about backpacking. Join us for a weekend outside the WIllamette bubble and get in touch with the REAL world.

But backpacking isn't the only thing we do! We camp out on the Quad, go on day hikes, go white-water rafting, and also offer free, public seminars on a variety of topics. No matter what your background in the outdoors, we have something for you!

Come explore the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with us!

-Colin Wilson
Willamette University Backpacking Club President