All members of the Willamette University Community: CLA, GSM, LAW, MAT, TIUA, faculty and staff, shall have the opportunity to participate in all club activities. 
JSSL is the sum of its members and no single person runs JSSL.  Every member of JSSL is a representative, and thus, capable of affecting change and making a difference.  We are not Willamette University's version of a "Japan Club."  Instead, we are an organization that focuses on Japanese culture and language through planning and facilitating events planned by its members.
A yearly membership due of $5 shall be paid at the beginning of the fall semester. Second semester transfer students, foreign study students, ASP students arriving in February, and returning Willamette study abroad students shall pay $5 in the spring semester.
Sakura Matsuri 2014
Welcome to Willamette!
Sakura Matsuri 2012