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Study Abroad Resources

Compiled by the Language Learning Center- LLC: Study Abroad

Compiled by Office of International Education- OIE: Study Abroad

Language Dictionaries

Denshi Jisho: A great Japanese dictionary!  (Favorite of many LLC and JSSL members) and Translates website text with a mouse-over.  An awesome study tool!

三省堂 Web Dictionary Japanese-Japanese Dictionary

The Counting Dictionary, a Dictionary of Japanese Counters Useful for studying how to count in a language without plurals.

Reading/Vocabulary/Study Tools any text or view any webpage with mouse-over translation. Great for reading Japanese newspapers or magazines online. Downloadable Webreader toolbar so you can use it without opening WordChamp. Create flashcards or search Wordchamp’s flashcard database. Access WordChamp through a tab on WISE via My Japanese Space or you can go directly to  Check out the Video tutorial.

Reading Tutorial Toolbox - Copy and paste Japanese text and the site will dissect and explain the text to you. and Translates website text with a mouse-over.  An awesome study tool!   Browser Add-on for Firefox users that gives you a quick and easy way to find out the reading or definition of Japanese text.  Similar to and - Easily make customizable vocabulary lists to help with your studying!

Kanji Dictionaries

Kanji Alive -This is a really cool site.  Helps a lot with stroke order in addition to many other kanji problems!!

Yamasa Online Kanji Dictionary

Miscellaneous Japanese Language Help

Kanji Worksheet

Kanji Radicals

Kanji Clinic

iPod Touch/iPhone Apps!

Available in the iTunes App Store!

Imi wa?- The FAVORITE dictionary app for many Japanese Language students

JGD Basic- Basic Japanese grammar dictionary

World Nomads Japanese Language Guide- Includes helpful Japanese phrases

Advanced Japanese Phrases

Kanji LS Touch- uses iPod Touch/iPhone's touch screen to practice writing kanji

Wakaru- Similar to WordChamp, but for your iPod

KanjiBox- Kanji study app

Kanji de Q- kanji quiz app for native speakers


MetrO- Public transportation help/planner (though it's best to have a route/plan before leaving your house, this still convenient).

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Resources

JLPT Official Website:

JLPT N1-5 Kanji and Vocabulary iPod App (best app, in my opinion): JLPT Study


Kanji N1-5

がんばって! :-)