Primary Recruitment

At Willamette, Primary Recruitment takes place in January the second week after winter break. First year female identifying students are encouraged to sign up regardless of their intent or desire to join a sorority. Recruitment is not only about getting to know the sororities on campus, but can also be a fun way to get to know more people from many different backgrounds. Primary Recruitment is open to all female identifying students.

Recruitment through Continuous Open Bidding

People can sometimes be extended a bid (an invitiation to join a chapter) apart from Primary Recruitment. This is called C.O.B. or Continuous Open Bidding. People could potentially join a chapter through C.O.B. depending on how many members chapters have at the time - this varies and depends on each chapter. In Fall Semester, if chapters are able to extend bids through C.O.B., only sophomore, junior and senior students are eligible. First year students cannot join a chapter until Primary Recruitment in the Spring.

Please note that not all chapters may be able to extend bids apart from Primary Recruitment at other points during the year, so the opportunity to be extended a bid through Continuous Open Bidding varies and is not guaranteed.

For more information, visit the Recruitment page, or contact Sarah Freilicher.

Welcome to the Willamette University Panhellenic Council Website!

Panhellenic Council is the governing body for the four sororities and is composed of delegates selected by each chapter. The Council is led by six executive officers who plan and implement programs that benefit the Greek Community and the campus as a whole. 

Sorority life at Willamette offers women the ability to grow in scholarship, service, sisterhood and friendship, leadership, and socially.

Scholastic achievement is an emphasis in every chapter where women are required to achieve a certain grade point average. Each chapter offers scholarships, national honor societies, study programs and scholastic recognition events.

Community service is one of the key values that each sorority was founded upon and in which all Willamette chapters participate. Each chapter supports a local charitable organization through service and financial contributions. These philanthropic efforts benefit worthy causes as well as provide members with the opportunity to make a difference in their community.

Sisterhood and friendship grows from women of different backgrounds, goals, and perspectives coming together. These women come together in the common bond of their chapter to develop deep and lasting friendships. Sororities form a community of women who support each other throughout the college years and beyond.

Leadership opportunities exist within the Greek community, with each chapter led by elected officers and supported by the governing body of Panhellenic Council. Sorority women are also familiar faces in leadership roles in many campus organizations as well.

Social programming and activities are offered for members and sometimes non-members. Organized social events include formal dances, theme functions, chapter dinners and retreats. At Willamette, each chapter maintains a responsible party policy monitored by Willamette University and their respective national headquarters.

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