Open Hours in the Dark Room!

Every Monday night from 8-9PM, the Dark Room will be open for student use, regardless of your experience or ability!

Our Dark Room Manger will be there to help if you need it. We welcome one and all to experience the the lost art of film developing. Make sure to bring your own film and pay the $10 per semester cost for using the Dark Room.

In 2010, Photo Club restored the Dark Room, which had not been used since 1994. Now, Photo Club solely has access to and maintains the Dark Room on the UC 3rd floor, located in the Collegian Office. The Dark Room used to be used to create prints for Willamette's yearbook, the Wallulah, and for the Collegian before the digital age.

In 2011, Photo Club received a Sustainability Council grant to make the Dark Room more environmentally friendly. Such a term is not usually associated with the process of developing film, however, we view it as an important aspect of being a Willamette student. This includes proper disposal of and containers for keeping the developing chemicals.

Questions? Contact Astra Lincoln <alincoln>

The Dark Room is open to all Willamette students, under the supervision of Photo Club's Dark Room Manager. There is also a $10 per semester fee for Dark Room use. This includes the equipment, chemicals, and test strips. Paper is also available for purchase in the Dark Room for an additional fee.

Salem community members may be granted access for Dark Room use after being cleared by Campus Safety and receiving a Willamette ID.