About Us


The Residence Hall Association (RHA) of Willamette University is dedicated to providing engaging programs, leadership opportunities and advocacy for residential students. This association is committed to cultivating an altruistic community through a devotion to respect and social justice. RHA values the individual development of lasting friendships, personal responsibility, balance and emotional growth towards authenticity.


Student interest in creating a place to hear the residential student voice led to the establishment of RHA in Willamette University. RHA is a way to centralize some of our student leadership opportunities within the residential environment. This association provides oopportunities for student leaders to connect with other institutions through PACURH & NACURH to exchange best practices in residential living and residential student government.

Organizational Chart

Constitution & ByLaws

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Willamette University RHA Constitution

Willamette University RHA ByLaws

Willamette University Policies and Procedures