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General Meeting Times

Location: Eaton 209

Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Dates: We meet every week on Thursday. For more details please send us an email at


Advocacy Committee

Chair - Natalie Lyell - Executive Director

Programming Committee

The purpose of the Programming Committee is primarily responsible for creating campus-wide programs for RHA. This includes planning, setting up, administering, and cleaning up events. Members of the programming committee contribute a great deal to the ideas and execution behind these various programs, and contribute greatly to the creative brainstorm processing. They can potentially make a huge impact on campus as a whole, and it is a great learning experience for those who wish to know what it takes to put on a large successful program.

Chair - TBD - Director of Programming

Programming Committee Application

Administration Committee

Chair - Mitchell Lee - Director of Administration

Fundraising Committee Application

Communications Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to design and create various forms of advertisement for Willamette University RHA, including posters, online advertisements, apparel, and promotional items. They take photos at every event/program and publish content on social media sites. Moreover, this committee is dedicated to expanding RHA's presence on campus and interacting with students on campus by receiving their input.

Chair - Yoojin Kim - Director of Communications

Communications Committee Application

NRHH Committee

Chair - Miranda Livers - Director of NRHH


Applications for 2017-18 leadership will be available Spring 2017.