Talk to us!

In person:

Schedule an appointment with a SARA using this form: Request a SARA Appointment

By phone:

Over the weekend you can call our hotline at 503-851-4245 every weekday from 5pm - midnight, and 24-hours on Saturday and Sunday.


If you want to get information or just talk to a SARA, but don't want to go the WRC, we are available to chat with you online from Monday through Thursday from 8pm - midnight.

You can also visit SARA on Facebook.

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Join Us!

SARA applications for 2016 - 2017 membership cycle will be released Spring semester, 2016. 


Check out our new SARA webpage for more information about services, members, and other resources!

SARA is a network of trained, unbiased peer advocates who provide CONFIDENTIAL support, resources, and education to all members of the Willamette University community who have experienced sexual or domestic harassment, assault, or violence.

If you or someone you know was sexually assaulted...
an hour ago, last week or before you came to Willamette
If you want someone to explain...
reporting processes and prosecutorial systems
of Willamette University and Salem police
If you want information about...
confidential counseling resources and free medical treatment
in the Salem area and on campus

If you just want someone to listen, to believe you
and know that it was absolutely not your fault, 
please get in touch with us.