Recent News

  • WEMS is assessing student interest for a spring emergency medical responder course.  If you would be interested in attaining a certification as an emergency medical responder and joining WEMS please contact <wemsdirector>.
  • We are now on call on Thursdays beginning at 5pm until Friday at 7am as well as our usual weekend shifts from 5pm Friday night through 5pm Sunday night.  As always,  call 503-370-6911 in an emergency.

About WEMS

Our mission is to provide early response emergency medical services for members of the Willamette University community and visitors to the University Campus.  WEMS provides health education and public health interventions and an opportunity for members to enhance their leadership skills. 

Created by students in 1997, Willamette University Medical Services (WEMS) is a professionally licenced EMS agency dedicated to protecting the safety of students, faculty, staff, and guests on campus.  Members are medically trained and certified as either Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) or EMT-Basics prior to joining WEMS.  WEMS responds to emergencies on campus beginning 5pm on Thursday through 7am on Friday, and all weekend from 5pm Friday through 5pm Sunday.  

Responders attend 2-hour drills every Sunday to keep up on their skills and obtain the necessary hours of continuing education to to keep their certifications.