More Than an Extracurricular Activity

WEMS responders are medically trained and certified as either Emergency Medical Responders or EMT-Basics.  A WEMS response team is comprised of one supervisor and two responders.

  WEMs responders training for multiple casualty incident

To be an effective WEMS Responder, students take the initiative in learning and participating in the organization. Emergency medical skills are maintained and practiced regularly to ensure success on On-campus emergencies through weekly 3-hour drill practices. Additionally, members participate in the annual Oregon EMS conference. The level of skill required in being an effective WEMS Responder is gained by attending all the classes for certification and regularly attending drills.

WEMS members at EMS Conference

WEMS members not only provide medical support during on-call hours but also during many events on and around campus. For example, WEMS members provide First Aid at Willamette University's Commencement, Relay for Life, and Salem's Oktoberfest. 

WEMs members at Oktoberfest

WEMS is full of dedicated members who go above and beyond to provide the Willamette University community with medical health services.