Wulapalooza is an annual earth, art and music festival that takes place on the campus of Willamette University. Local schools, performance groups, and professional bands perform for over a thousand students and community members annually with local businesses and student groups fundraising for various charitable organizations. We are an Earth Day and community festival that yearly brings in thousands of community members and students. The 20th annual Wulapalooza festival will take place on April 14th, 2018.


All Willamette students are able to register one “sponsored guest” for free, follow the link below to register:

If you have more than one non-Willamette guest, they must purchase a ticket - which can also be found through the link above!

General admission tickets are available to the public as well

You must have your student ID number to register a guest!

Students - you must bring your Willamette issued ID to the entrance to get into the event! If you are not bringing any non-Willamette guests you do not need to register ahead of time.


Another change to Wulapalooza this year is the bag policy. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to allow personal bags into the festival. Only clear plastic bags will be allowed into the event. These bags will be provided by Campus Safety, will be available at the entrance and will be distributed the week before the festival. We recognize the problems that this may pose to students and attendees and the unfortunate environmental impact of the use of disposable plastic bags, but campus staff have deemed it necessary to make the entrance process faster and easier. The bags that we will have available for you are 9 in x 12 in ziplock bags and we will have waste receptacles at the event so that when you are done using them they can be properly disposed of and recycled. 


In the past it has only mildly affected the running of the festival, the show goes on rain or shine, bring an umbrella!


Daytime (12:00 PM-5:20 PM)

The first half of the festival focuses on activities, booths and student creations. These include student organizations, clubs, community groups and student musical acts of various genres. During the day there are many non-Wulapalooza sponsored activities and booths provided by various student groups. 

Evening (5:30pm-9pm)

The evening portion of the festival is mainly an awesome concert on Brown Field. See the Lineup page for more details about the bands.