Parent Leadership Council

Current Members

Jodeen Barba P'21
Dallas, OR

Ken and Karen Buchi P'18
Salt Lake City, UT

Tina Byrd P'15
Studio City, CA

Kate and Vincent Cahill P'13
Maplewood, NJ

Jim and Nancy Carriere P'19
Oakland, CA

Heather and Doug DeAngeli P'18
Reno, NV

Beth and Kevin Fitzgerald P'20
Napa, CA

Momi '85 and Lance Hall P'18
San Francisco, CA

Michelle Harold and Joe Woodward P'16
Claremont, CA

Amy and Paul Harper P'18
Owens Cross Roads, AL

Monte '84 and Tammy Hong P'18
Bellevue, WA

Lisa Warren-Kruger and Konrad "Chip" Kruger P'15, P'16
Riverside, CT

Cathy Leibman P'19
Albufeira, Portugal 

Cherise Moore and Paul Charles P'18
Newhall, CA

Michael and Leslie Roth P'19
Keizer, OR

Martina Sersch P'19
Burlingame, CA

Greg Van Liew and Jennifer Kerns P'20
Seattle, WA

Renee Vebell and Jeff Cohen P'15
Hanover, NH

Honorary Members

Karla Albright and Chris Burkhart P'15
Los Gatos, CA

Charlotte and Chuck Carpenter P'14
Reno, NV

Kathleen and Steve Coutre P'15
Stanford, CA

Katherine and Jon Lauer P'15
San Diego, CA