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Brian EggerBrian Egger

Brian Egger: Build something that lasts.

For sophomore Brian Egger, building healthy communities is the essence of principled leadership. As a resident assistant, he's fostering a positive living environment for his fellow students. And as a regional officer for Circle K, an affiliate of Kiwanis International, he's helping clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest with their fund-raising efforts. "The one thing I like to do is promote service learning to students and stress how important it is to help others," says Egger, a politics major from Beaverton, Ore. "Circle K really complements Willamette's mission statement."

Our faculty and staff take our school motto to heart as well. Their goal is to make a difference in your life by encouraging you to take risks and go beyond the familiar - and Egger says that attitude inspired him to run for Hall Council as a freshman and apply for the RA position as a sophomore. "At Willamette, people will support you even as they're pushing you beyond your comfort zone," he says. "When you leave here, you'll be more prepared for the realities of this crazy world we're living in."

As an aspiring politician, Egger wants to promote community development by providing services for people in need. He's not ruling out a career in the Legislature or even the governorship - and Egger says Willamette is the ideal launching pad for a lifetime of public service.

"I want to build on the Willamette mission statement and extend it to the whole world and make our communities stronger," says Egger. "I'll do anything that I feel is having a positive impact on the lives of other people while allowing me to grow as a person. There are no limits to what you can be."