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You Will Take Nothing

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor
If you think you’re eagle or parrot,
She comes and takes you away

She doesn’t understand reason
She doesn’t know love
She only kills hearts
She comes sowing pain

She fills the cemetery
With slaves and masters
Her name is Death
The one who leaves the body inert

She does not give warning
When she comes to pick you up
She arrives cold and silent
Surprising and tricky

If you are rich or poor
If your house is made of gold
Of cardboard or of copper
She doesn’t care

She wants your house
What’s the point of your wealth
If you can’t buy it
Your riches someone else will enjoy

Naked like you were born
Naked like you came out
That’s how she will take you
And you won’t bring anything

But don’t be sad
Into this world you came
By the will of the creator
Jesus Christ resurrects,
The victor of death

— By Santiago Tianquistenco, Oregon State Penitentiary inmate