Fall 2006 Edition
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WU’s Fabulous Fifties


Reunions are a time to remember the fun and excitement of your WU days, reconnect with friends and faculty, and rekindle that sense of belonging you had as a student at this great school.

For Willamette University, the 50th reunion is a time of grateful celebration for a half-century relationship with some of our most devoted and accomplished alumni. For the 50th reunion class, it's a time to reflect on how Willamette has shaped their lives and to look ahead to what legacy they want to leave for future generations.


The seeds of a new tradition were planted in 2000, when the Class of 1950 raised $50,000 for student scholarships. How that tradition has grown in just six years! This year, we laud the Class of ’56 for their contribution of more than $1 million to support endowed scholarships. This substantial gift reflects the class members' belief in the value of a Willamette University education — as well as their responsibility and desire to ensure that education is available to outstanding students in years to come. Excitement is already building among the classes nearing their own 50th reunions.

We honor and thank those in the classes of 1950 through 1956 for their amazing contributions to the University. Your devotion makes us all proud.

Specialty Reunions

Along with the hundreds of graduates attending Reunion Weekend 2006, two groups of alumni gathered for their own set of special events. More than 25 came back to campus for the Air Force ROTC reunion. And according to Prof. Robert Trapp, advisor to the Willamette University Debate Union, nearly 50 debate team alumni took part in activities including a reception, dinner and debate on the topic "Ron Saxton should be elected governor of Oregon." Debate alumni ranged from the Class of ’51 through graduates of the ’90s.

If you're interested in a specialty reunion for your campus affinity group — whether fraternities and sororities, choir, student government, or the chess club — contact the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations to share your suggestions and get involved.