Fall 2007 Edition
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Up Close

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Scholars Words of Wisdom

Our 2007 national scholars share the quotations that inspire them.

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Welcome New Tenure-Track Faculty & Fellows

Our new faculty and fellows add depth and bring new expertise to the curriculum campuswide.

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Tools of Democracy

Ugandan students and teachers make the journey to Salem to learn how to fight for their freedom.

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The Art of Ceremony

Inspired by Maori visitors in 2005, local Native Americans share their own masterwork.

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103-Year-Old Recalls ‘Birth’ of Star Trees

Faculty emerita Margaret Ringnalda, now 103, recalls the planting of the once-small Giant Sequoias.


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Mind over Matters

Barraged by demands for their time and focus, college students seek counseling and disability services to achieve their academic dreams.

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Rowers push their mental and physical limits and find the greatest reward is giving their all.

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Chasing Stillness

Chasing Stillness How do we find clarity? Answers emerge from the full range of motion and emotion.