Spring 2007 Edition
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From the Director

David Audley

Ambitious. Refreshing. Completely surprising. These may not be words that spring to mind when you think of an academic institution, but they are just the words to describe current happenings at Willamette.

We have some very ambitious goals for the coming year, and the Alumni Association has some refreshing ideas for better ways to serve our community. What is completely surprising, even for a dyed-in-the-wool Bearcat like me, is that so many of us are so eager to re-engage with dear old WU.

So with refreshed hope and vigor, we turn our sights to our grand office goals: bringing back Barney the Bearcat, rewriting the Alma Mater and, in all earnestness, continuing to improve the Online Community and building a viable, robust alumni career support network. The reasoning behind the first two is simple: In my opinion, Barney truly is the embodiment of Willamette pride, and the Alma Mater is one of the slowest and most difficult songs I have ever had the pleasure to sing. As for the second two goals, the Online Community and career network are priorities with the potential to revitalize the entire WU community.

My dream is to build career services where alumni of all ages who need a job, need an employee, or need a mentor to explore a new career can find each other. For many of us, the thought of a single job or even a single career that leads steadily down the path to retirement is just not realistic. The workplace has changed, and so have the goals and ambitions of employees. If you’re looking for your first real job, eyeing a transition into another career, or seeking that talented go-getter to complement your staff, who better than Willamette to help us connect?

And that’s where you come in, dear alumni: We need your help to build this network, to find the career connections and to keep WU relevant and vital. If you’re interested in being a part of this exciting endeavor, let me know. Maybe, just maybe, by working together, we can all help each other this year.

David Audley ’93

David Audley ’93
Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

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