summer 2008 Edition
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A Trumpeter Plays For His Homeland

His father was buried in February, his mother in April. His homeland was buried in May.

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From Salem to D.C. : Fellowship Furthers Student’s Policy Work

Leaving his community better than he found it.

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The Emancipation Of Robin Morris Collin

Law Professor Robin Morris Collin knows a thing or two about social justice. She was raised on it.

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Appointments Of A Lifetime:

The Role of the Supreme Court in a Democratic System


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‘Deliciously Bewildering Dialectic’

“Without contraries is no progression,” William Blake wrote more than 200 years ago. And with that thought in mind, President M. Lee Pelton commissioned a series of essays exploring freedom of expression — a tenet of both education and democracy, and one that has focused the attention of the campus community for the past year and a half.

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Cultivating Hope

The shrubs and lawns at Colonia Libertad are meticulously manicured, the playgrounds covered with fresh bark mulch, and the basketball court well swept.

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Activism Reinvented

Talkin’ ‘bout this Generation