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Going Green

As an eco-conscious recycler, United Methodist woman and former trustee of WU, I was thrilled and impressed to read that you have “gone green.” Most people need to be much more conscious of our environment and what we are doing to it and how we can stop those things that are not good stewardship of God’s great gift of creation.

Many thanks to you and your staff. The only problem is to match or better the next one.

— Kay Delaney Moore

Omission or No Omission?
One of Each, Actually

I just finished reading The Scene and, as usual, enjoyed it. Two things however.

What happened to news of the classes before 1960? Was that omission on purpose or accidental?

Also, in the article in regard to former Willamette alumni who were Olympians, you neglected a person: me. I was not an athlete on the Olympic Team, but I was an athletic trainer/physical therapist for the 1980 team. In the eyes of the USOC, we are considered Olympians. I traveled with the Olympic track team throughout Europe after the Olympics. I was also one of the trainers/physical therapists for the Pan Am Games and for the National Sports Festival.

I was also the first certified trainer (as a volunteer) for WU from 1957 until I went to the University of Oregon in 1966. I took over there as head trainer in 1968 and was there until 1980.

We trainers don’t get much recognition for our work behind the scenes, so it kind of hurts that we are omitted.

— Larry Standifer ’54

Editor’s Note: As for class notes, we are most definitely not omitting any. We simply haven’t received any from alumni who graduated in the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. Please, write in!

As for Willamette Olympians, Mr. Standifer took us to school. We did not realize trainers were considered Olympians. We offer apologies both to Mr. Standifer and to Mark Fretta, a law school student who took a year off from his studies to train and compete in the triathlon. He went to Beijing as an alternate.

I’ll Second That!

Summer Cover

The letter from Marvin Case ’65 in the last issue of The Scene was a cogent and needed tribute to the long tenure of Prof. Stanley Butler. I would like to add my thoughts and gratitude for his important contribution to the WU School of Music.

Mr. Butler (I couldn’t then and still cannot use the familiar “Stanley”) was my major advisor from 1954 until I was granted my degree in piano performance in 1961. He remained my mentor throughout the years, always challenging my ideas, my performances and my compositions. He championed new music in the stodgy ’50s and led students to be open to avant garde styles while always insisting on clear analysis. His dry sense of humor softened his extremely high expectations.

Mr. Butler held those high expectations for his own study and performance, which continued until his last days. Mr. Case referred to the famous “last recitals,” of which there were several, given for students, friends and residents of Willamette View Manor where he resided. Mr. Butler was the epitome of the lifelong learner and, as such, an inspiration to those of us who attended each of those lecture-recitals. Some of his last instructions to me, given one week before he left this earth, were that he hoped I was learning new ways to approach a certain Beethoven sonata.

— Geneva Russell Wright ’58

Before She Was Mrs. Hatfield

Mrs. Hatfield

I very much enjoyed the fun and heartwarming article about Mark and Antoinette Hatfield on the back cover of your recent magazine. It is nice to know she finally got her pin.

I graduated from Grant High School in Portland in 1960, and Antoinette Kuzmanich was my counselor one of those years. Mark Hatfield also knew my father intermittently through the years.

I would love to have their address so I can let them know how glad I am that this long overdue pinning finally took place.

— Suzanne Shane Myrene ’64

Editor’s Note: To Ms. Myrene and others wanting to send greetings to Senator and Mrs. Hatfield, please write us with your contact information and we will forward it to to their assistant.

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