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"Mr. Willamette"

With Special Thanks: Jim Booth '64

Everyone knows Jim Booth.

He’s regarded as Mr. Willamette for the current generation, just as “Buzz” Yocom was before him. He’s a humble icon who shows us that the values we cherish at this university — integrity, openness and honesty, among others — don’t reside in the buildings, the yearbooks or the grass of the Quad.

They reside in the people.

As of the printing of this edition of The Scene, Jim has retired from his day to day duties in the Office of Alumni Relations (don’t jump out of the seatquite yet — he’s still with us part-time).

He is still the man at the helm of the alumni travel program, and we’re trying desperately to get him to upload his enormous mental logbook of facts, people and useful knowledge so that the rest of us can use it.

As we take a moment to acknowledge Jim and his many contributions to the university over the years, let us take another lesson or two from his career. A lot is changing here at Willamette — in remarkable and energizing ways — but Jim goes to show that many things are also worth holding onto.

Here’s to Jim Booth ’64. Thanks for what you’ve done for us.

— The Office of Alumni Relations and Friends at Willamette University

Travel Program 2010: Your Global Access

Jim Booth ‘64 continues to manage the travel program, which includes a full, eight-trip schedule for the coming year. The first trip to Costa Rica begins in mid-February and is filling up — if you’ve thought about seeing the world, now is the time.

For more information, visit the travel program website at willamette.edu/alumni/travel. You can also reach Jim at jbooth@willamette.edu.


Jim and his wife, Sandy, on one of many alumni excursions. (Eagle-eyed readers will spot another fun image of Jim in this issue of The Scene.)


Jim Booth '64


Jim with his sons, Jay ‘91, Jeff ‘95 and Brian ‘93 inside the Waller Hall cupola.