Willamette University

President’s Annual Report

This issue of The Scene encompasses my annual report to Willamette’s community of alumni and friends, and I am pleased to say that, although global economic challenges persist, there is still plenty of good news to share.

For example, the number, variety and quality of student, faculty and institutional achievements this year — and recognition of those achievements — seems greater and more impressive than ever. These highlights are further evidence that planning, preparation and hard work pay off.

For Willamette, 2009–10 also was a year characterized by transition, planning and preparation for the future.

To wit: For more than a year, a campus-wide Strategic Planning Task Force engaged the university community in discussions regarding Willamette’s continuous and sustained improvement. The result of that effort is a new strategic plan that charts a course for Willamette’s future.

As applied across all academic units of the university, the new plan is in harmony with our mission, is institutionally sustainable, and prepares our graduates for meaningful lives of personal and professional achievement and civic contribution.

In light of this new plan, as well as other campus changes and initiatives, the next few years may be viewed as the beginning of a new and important phase in Willamette’s history. The campus community will embark on the implementation of our new strategic plan, the aspirations of which include increased support for research-rich, high-impact pedagogy across the curriculum and in all four colleges, as well as strategic investments in the sciences at the College of Liberal Arts. The university’s strategic plan also will inform the case for support that serves as the basis for the next capital campaign.

I believe that a liberal arts education at Willamette prepares our students — and prepares them well — for lives of meaning and hope. I am proud to say that, during these difficult economic times, we did not retreat from our investments in our core business: the education, by talented faculty committed to scholarship and teaching, of women and men of great promise. To my mind, there are few endeavors more worthy of our time and attention.

M. Lee Pelton

President Pelton

“Although global economic challenges persist, there is still plenty of good news to share.”