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Here’s a fact that always amazes me. Willamette is older than the State of Oregon: 168 years. It’s astounding to think about how far we’ve come as an institution of higher education in that time. We’ve weathered many kinds of storms, been through world wars and rebuilt our landmarks from fire. With each step in the university’s evolution, we’ve grown, educated and given back to those around us as best we could.

It is easy to imagine that many volumes could be written about the people and programs that have shaped Willamette — and the annals would grow with the simple passing of each day.

Certainly we should think about the history of our institution, how things have changed and how some things have endured, and what it all means for our future. But in the end — no matter how carefully those of us who work at the university today tell the story — we can never quite relay it in the same fashion as those who lived it. The story of Willamette “then and now” must necessarily be an autobiography written by the alumni, students, faculty and administrators who have given this place its life.

In this issue, we share just a little bit more of Willamette’s story with the help of some of the people who know the institution best. May they serve to remind you of those pieces of the Willamette experience that you hold most dear — and inspire you for the future that awaits.

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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Denise Callahan
“Things do not change; we change.”
— Henry David Thoreau