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Glen Bledsoe MAT’91

The irony in Glen Bledsoe’s work as an artist is that he’s actually quite good with a pencil and paper. He just doesn’t have to draw much when he’s creating comic strips. His process uses digital tools. Starting with individual frames from old films, Bledsoe, a 1991 Graduate School of Education alumus and former instructor there, puts together series of images whose meanings might never have come to light when the original film was viewed at full speed.

“It’s sort of like those scandal newspapers at the supermarket,” he says. “I realized at some point that all they do is use bad video footage and pick the frames where a celebrity is blinking or cringing, and they can create all kinds of unintended expressions.” The trick isn’t as devious when it goes into a comic, but the idea is similar. Bledsoe looks closely at what might be missed on a first viewing and comes up with original stories based on fleeting gestures and mannerisms. Once the artistry of shading, coloring, texturing and writing is completed, he’s left with something that is at the same time familiar and novel.

“The process is an intersection of ideas,” he says. “The more I play, the more I get hooked on it.”

Bledsoe has provided us a glimpse in the form of a comic strip just for Willamette. Turn the page to take a look.

Click here to view the Glen Bledsoe comic.

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