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Giving Back: Flying High

Flying High

Dan and Penny (Russell) Miltenberger ’75 have deep roots in Oregon.

Dan and Penny (Russell) Miltenberger ’75

Penny grew up in Merlin, a few miles removed from the interstate near Grants Pass, and Dan grew up in Pendleton. When it was time for college, Willamette offered Penny important scholarship support; she knew she preferred a small school, so she enrolled and didn’t look back. She enjoyed her four years in Salem, majoring in chemistry and working part-time for the campus food service.

The couple’s path got more interesting following graduation. When Penny and Dan settled in Albany, Ore., she opened a downtown delicatessen and drove a bus; he worked for paper mills. Flying, however, was their real passion. Penny has had a pilot’s license for 25 years, and in 1994 the Miltenbergers built their own single-engine plane.

Years ago, the Miltenbergers began investing in local real estate to provide for their retirement. They eventually accrued six rental houses and a number of hangars at the Albany airport. And when they began thinking about diversifying their investments further, they exchanged two parcels of property for an interest in a Willamette charitable remainder trust.

The trust is now providing the Miltenbergers with an inflation-resistant source of income that won’t go away. Eventually, it will provide a significant addition to Willamette’s endowment in the Miltenbergers’ names.

Penny explains why they contributed their property to the trust: “We get the same income with no work, and with tax benefits to boot. The Willamette staff did all the work; we only signed a few documents.”

The Miltenbergers’ trust will help future students directly as they pursue their own Willamette education. And who knows where they might end up.

A charitable trust or other life-income plan can be a satisfying and smart way to convert real estate, securities, or other assets into a secure source of income.

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