Willamette University

Career Network

The Willamette Path to Career Glory!

(Especially for recent grads)

Step 1

After you graduate …
… talk to a career advisor through the recent-graduate outreach program (happens every August). A real alumni career advisor will call you out of the blue — you don’t actually have to do anything — and offer to help you out. Who knew?

Step 2

If you’re not quite sure …
… what you want to do, use CareerBeam to take online assessments and learn about your personality and aptitudes; keep going and search from over 17 million organizations to bone up on your company intelligence, networking strategies and plan of action. You are now a job-searching machine.

Step 3

Sit in on the Career Network’s annual fall webinars …
… to get the inside scoop from the experts. We’ll show you how to network like a pro, market your liberal arts degree, figure out social media and use it well (hint: this does not include those pictures from Cancun), and make yourself stand out in the crowd of job-seekers. And while you’re online, register for The Compass and update your contact information so your alma mater can get ahold of you and not just your parents.

Step 4

Have some fun!
You’re a graduate, after all. You’ve probably got places to go, people to see, and couches to surf. Embrace it. Within reason.

Step 5

Conduct an informational interview …
… with a career advisor who shares your interests or even your major. Your advisor won’t necessarily offer you a job, but s/he could help you see where the job offers are. Plus, you’ll make another valuable Willamette connection — and those come in handy.

Step 6

Come see us at …
… “You’re Doing What With Your Degree?” — our yearly networking social for alumni young and old. Make more of those Willamette connections. Learn about the wacky and inspiring and lucrative things people are doing with their Willamette degrees (you’ll be surprised — we are, every single year). If you’ve left Salem, check out “Seven Cities, One Night” to meet your Willamette neighbors. Eat, drink and be merry!

Step 7

Achieve Career Glory!

Step 8

Pay it forward …
… and become a career advisor! Or help share job opportunities at your company by posting them at JobCat. Bearcats make great co-workers!

Satisfaction guaranteed. Individual results may vary. We’ll do our best for you, no matter the economy, if you’ve got the gumption. You’re a Bearcat, so we imagine you do.

Go here to learn more: willamette.edu/alumni/career_network