Willamette University

Seven Questions for the President

What’s on your iPod right now?

Black Lab for music; I love the History of Rome podcasts, too. And Slate Gabfest, as well as BBC Start the Week.

What’s your favorite spot on Willamette’s campus today?

I really enjoy the whole Mill Stream area. They’ve done a lot to it since I was younger.

How about in Salem?

I really like Minto Island. I did a lot of running there in high school, and now I take the dog down for a swim in the Willamette River.

What kinds of things will you miss most from California?

The weather in the wintertime [laughs]! Seriously, I had a really good team of people in the office. I’ll be missing working with them.

Favorite spot in Oregon?

Mt. Jefferson — there’s great hiking over there.

Favorite place you’ve visited outside the U.S.?

London. That’s the first city in which I was really alone [while studying abroad at Oxford], and it was such a valuable thing to adjust and learn to explore.

Let’s talk math and science: How many digits of Pi have you memorized?

You should ask my daughter — she’s got many, many of them memorized. Let’s see: 3.14159265358979 … looks like 15.


President Thorsett and College of Liberal Arts Dean Marlene Moore (left) at commencement in May.