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Alumni Tidbits and Briefs

Kenny Miller

Three in a Row

For the Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund

The class of 1961 is on its game. Its dynamic reunion website has been up since before last year’s classes even had theirs going, and the communications stream coming from the event and fundraising committees is robust and organized.

For two years now, one of the happiest outcomes of the class’s work has been the Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund. Classmates have raised enough money together to have already given scholarships to three current Willamette students who need the help in the current economy. This year’s scholarship recipient, Kenny Miller ’12, might be the prototypical Willamette multi-tasker: He’s managing a role as the center for Willamette’s football team, serving as the recruitment chairman for Sigma Chi, and pursuing a decidedly ambitious physics major. He’s a busy, energetic, thankful man.

The class of ’61 continues its work in event planning, friend-raising and fundraising, and if there’s anything certain about the 50th-class reunion in September, it’s that the class of 1962 is going to have a tough act to follow.

Alumni Weekend

Things we learned at Alumni Weekend

A few lessons we took away from last year’s groundbreaking event:

There is a regulation that requires lighted exit signs for an event held under a giant tent that has no walls.

  • “Virtual” reunions work, too: All you need is a wireless connection, Skype and a laptop on the Quad.
  • Student volunteers now respond to text messages more than emails or phone calls.
  • If you’re holding an event outdoors at night, make sure the signs aren’t printed on black card stock.
  • Unplanned crowd pleaser: current students playing ultimate Frisbee on the Quad on a hot day, wearing appropriately “airy” attire.
  • And our favorite realization of all: The members of the class of 1960 still know their Glee songs by heart. Their singing enlivens the rest of us.

The Seniors Salute

We always ask seniors what their favorite WU memories are as they’re preparing to make the switch from students to alumni. Here are a few of our favorites from this spring.

  • “Staying up until 6 a.m., talking about everything and nothing”
  • “Hanging out in the sun by the Mill Stream with friends and Bistro treats”
  • “Initiation Week at Alpha Chi Omega — friendship, warm weather, and fun adventures”
  • “Study abroad and making friends with TIUA students”
  • “When I realized that my friends at Willamette were actually my family”
  • “Filling the resident assistant’s room with 900 balloons as a surprise”
  • “Falling in love on campus”
  • “7 a.m. breakfasts in Goudy after 5:30 a.m. crew practice. Yum!”
  • “Streaking on Spring Preview Day”
  • “Mill-Streaming my friend after an epic hunt that involved stealing his stuffed chicken and holding it hostage”

On the Calendar

Summer and fall alumni events around the country:

June 24
Alumni Night with the Boise Hawks

 June 26
Alumni Night with the Seattle Sounders

July 7
Travel Program trip to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

July 29–31
Travel Program kayaking trip in the San Juan Islands

July 30
Alumni Night with the Portland Timbers

August 26
Alumni Night with the Salem/Keizer Volcanoes (first-year student event)

September 16–18
Alumni Weekend 2011

October 17
Seven Cities, One Night career networking events (Los Angeles; San Francisco; Portland; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; New York City; Honolulu)

October 20–November 8
Travel Program trip to Australia and New Zealand

For details and registration for any of the above, visit willamette.edu/alumni/events, or willamette.edu/alumni/travel for the Travel Program.