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Before Tufton Beamish…

In the Fall 2010 copy of The Scene I was amused by the story about Tufton Beamish, class of ’61. He was at Willamette after my time, but it brought to my mind a little-known piece of WU lore.

I was a baseball player back in the early 1950s at Willamette. Each year it fell upon the coaches to submit the names of players they felt deserved to be on the all-star team of the Northwest Conference. Our coach, John Lewis, put in the name of “Oonie Gagen.” Oonie was an entirely fictitious player. However, he made the honorable mention list of the Northwest  Conference that year.

John was a great coach, and he enjoyed good humor.

— Jack Hande ‘53

My Cousin Tufton

The unsigned article in the current issue of The Scene, “Finding Tufton Beamish,” brought to mind many memories of my cousin Tufton.

In the fall of 1959, I enrolled as a freshman at Willamette, living in South Hall. My cousin Tufton Beamish could usually be found in our tiny lounge in South or in the basement of Baxter Hall across the driveway. He “showed me the ropes” about Willamette, introduced me to the important people I needed to know, and taught me the way to acquire a free meal at the nearby Sloppy Joe’s restaurant a few blocks north on 12th Street.

I was able to register for a full schedule of freshman courses that year without paying any tuition or fees, thanks to several helpful faculty members to whom I was introduced by Tufton. A dean named Walter S. Blake signed all my registration cards so things went smoothly.

My own information can be found in the 1959/60 Fusser’s Guide for Busy People, where I am listed as a “townie.” My telephone number listed was unfortunately misprinted, so that when dialed, it yielded only a recorded daily prayer sponsored by some church. It was a lonely year.

I was, however, quoted once in a campus newspaper article (titled “Many are Cold, but Few are Frozen”) with an insightful comment about the weather.

— Donald Tasker ‘63

Grammar Gaffe

I applaud The Scene for an attractive layout and many articles of interest. This alumni magazine is a treat to read!

I was dismayed, though, to spot a grammatical error in the latest issue. On p. 30, “a lot” is a plural verb: Use “are,” not “is.”

— Sharon Beardsley ’64

[Whoops — thanks to Sharon, we see that we let one slip by with “There is a lot of them!” — Ed.]

Pictures and Memories

Thank you for honoring my father, Dr. Chester F. Luther, emeritus professor of mathematics, and our family with not one, but two pictures in your Fall 2010 The Scene. Although he retired in 1972, his legacy continues through the hundreds of students whose lives he touched and influenced.

— Marilyn (Luther) Egans ‘67

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