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Tidbits & Briefs

Things Every Freshman Should Know:

The ample incoming class has arrived. With help from our summer work-study students, here are a few (cardinal and) golden rules. Maybe some will ring a bell with you.

Hot dog The Toilet Paper Best place to nap Write a good paper

Best Deal on Campus: The $.49 Hot Dog

Important because:

Sometimes, after you’ve blown all your meal points on Goudy wraps, you have to survive on what’s in your couch cushions. The generous souls at the Mill Stream Market ensure that this is possible.

Condiments are free! Ketchup is a vegetable, right?

How to Stay Clued In: Read the Toilet Paper

Important because:

You just need to know. Every stall has one. Aside from fun factoids and trivia, you’ll also read about important happenings on campus and job openings for intramural referees, which are apparently infinite.

Unforeseen Skill You’ll Need: Saying No

Important because:

There are so many things to do around here and so few hours in which to do them.

Willamette people tend to be hugely involved, which is great, but sometimes that leads to over-commitment. Saying no to your ninth club presidency is okay; it’s a sign that you know yourself and can be realistic. People — and your resume — will be fine with it.

Best Place to Nap in an Academic Building: Eaton Hall Fourth Floor

Important because:

All that studying takes energy. They say that 20-minute power naps can actually boost overall productivity.

It gets a little warm up in the old attic, so you might feel like it anyway. If you can make it up the stairs, there is newly renovated study space and peace and quiet. Nobody’s going to judge you.

How to Write a Good Paper

Important because:

You’re going to need to know, fast.

  1. Get to the point, provide backup, and get out of there. Professors like concision.
  2. Let it brew: Start your paper early, step away and go to the Bistro, and then return to it fresh. Your transcript will thank you.
  3. Ditch the fancy verbiage in favor of clarity. The word “disconnect” is best left a verb, not a noun.

Arts Shout-out: Give the Gift of Art

As the holiday season approaches and the search for special gifts begins, consider combining the visual arts, music and theatre into one Willamette deal. The “Willamette University Experience the Arts” package, assembled by the groups involved, provides a year packed full of memorable activities and experiences. We think you'll like it.


The package includes:

Family/Dual Membership to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art

Receive special member’s invitations, join staff and faculty for receptions and lectures, and enjoy opportunities to meet the artists and experience 10 fabulous exhibitions that feature art from around the world and the Pacific Northwest. 

  • Two Willamette University Theatre production. Tickets of your choice from the 2012–13 season.
  • Two tickets to the Grace Goudy Distinguished Artists Series. Choose from either the Rose Ensemble on Nov. 27 or The Red Priest on March 8.


Save 18 percent at the special rate of $100 ($42.37 is tax deductible).

Call the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at 503-370-6867 for information.

Additional Willamette gift ideas that support the arts:

  • Hallie Ford Museum of Art memberships - 503-370-6867
  • Theatre tickets  - 503-370-6221
  • Music events - 503-370-6255

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