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Behind the Scenes: Images of the Past

Do you remember these photographs? Remember some of these people? As usual, we'd like to know. Please send recollections or comments to scene@willamette.edu or call 503-375-5304. We'll incorporate your feedback into the university's records. We'll also share what we learn in a future edition of The Scene.

Seeking photos

If you have Willamette shots from the ‘70s, ‘80s or ‘90s, we would love to add them to our collection. Just email them to scene@willamette.edu or mail to the Office of Alumni Relations, 900 State Street, Salem, OR 97301. We’ll return any mailed prints. Thank you!

Fall 2011 Reader Responses

Kathy Barker ’83 identified the three men in the T-shirt tuxedos as members of the class of 1983 during Glee, and Dana (Hixson) Reames ’83 added the names of Bill Adams ’83 (left) and Steve Ball ’83 (center). Sally (Coffman) Coffman-Coen ’85 and Virginia (Keats) Ball ’62 corroborated the Steve Ball ID; Kathy (Cook) Wraith ’85, MBA’86 adds that it might have been Scott Greenwood ’83 at far left, and that Klaus Reich ’83 is on the right.

Elsewhere, Daniel Wilson-Fey ’78 identified two of the men in the Mill Stream as Shep Earl ’78, MAT‘91 (far left with glasses) and maybe Gary Matson ’78 (white hat). Steve Fullmer ’78 says that the photo was taken on Blue Monday 1975, that he might have been the photographer, and that the faces include Earl, Cara Bailey ’78, Kelli (Brown) Stephens ’78, Wendy (Carlson) Carlson-Koll ’78, Jan Rimerman ’78 and Sandy (Gould) Kelly ’78. Whitney (Heimlich) Ingersoll ’79 again identified Earl, plus Jim Kniffin ’79, Jay Dressler ’79, David Yeaworth ’80, Jennifer (Ray) Jurusik ’79, Roberta Wood and Deb (Lewis) Givens ’79.

Finally, Meg (Christensen) Griffith ’02, MAT‘03 recalled the color photo as having been taken Labor Day weekend in 1999. She named Rebecca Anderson ’02, Carolina Clyborne Ramirez, Paula Edwards ’02, herself, Hannah Bohard ’02, Sita Davis ’02 and Sabrina (Robinson) Koester ’03. WU Associate Professor of Art Heidi Grew also emailed, confirming Davis.