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Hello Tufton

Tufton Solution 6.0

Tufton hid on an injection-molded Hello Kitty toy in the spring issue, and you caught him once again. We’ve positioned him quite a bit more sneakily this time.

To the “Reminiscences Department”

During the Oregon governorship of Mark Hatfield ’43, Antoinette Hatfield was our Alpha Phi chapter advisor. She pulled off quite a coup when she led Alpha Phi to pledge Dean of Women Regina Ewalt (see back cover, Summer 2013).

[Also,] Alpha Phi started in the president’s house. On the back of our second-floor potty we had a sign — ‘G. Herbert Sat Here’...

I can’t forget when the fraternities would serenade. The loveliest was SAE:

“Our love is a river, deep and wide Flowing onward with the tide
If we could drive on side by side
Life would be sweet
You are the girl God gave to me
To love and worship tenderly...”

— Judy (Abele) Baker ’61

If Those Trees Talked!

Those Trees Talked!

The vast majority of our letters this time around resulted from last issue’s “If Those Trees Could Talk” call for submissions. We got so many great romantic stories that we made a whole article out of them.

Check them out here.

More Coverage, Please

Some of us from the 1950s are still alive and active (as active as any 80-year-old can be). We still drive our cars, take vacations, contribute to things that interest us, go fishing and play golf. Why are we now just acknowledged in the obituaries? Please give us one more active decade; even five years would help.

I always enjoy receiving and reading The Scene, but feel that after 80 we aren’t of much importance. We still contribute our monies; we attend and support Willamette University athletics and activities. Broaden your scope!

— Jerry McNerney ’55

New Call For Submissions!

How did Willamette change your life?

Was it a professor? A sports team? A group of friends? We’re compiling alumni stories just like we did for the tales of Willamette romance you see above. We’d love to include yours. Email submissions of 500 words or fewer to scene@willamette.edu, or mail them in. We might reprint them in a future issue.

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