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Star Trees

If Those Trees Could Talk: Seeking WU Sweethearts

Did you steal your first kiss underneath the Star Trees? Marry that cute guy or girl from history class? Find a Willamette partner many years after the fact?

This is an open call to Willamette lovebirds young and old. We all know the legend — that quite a bit of enduring matchmaking has taken place at Willamette — but now we’d like you to say more about it.

Please send us your story, and we might publish it in a future issue. Email scene@willamette.edu or mail to the:
Office of Alumni Relations
900 State St., Salem, OR 97301.

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll see a similar note and can submit there, too. We’ll be smitten to hear from you.

Regina Ewalt

Make Dean Ewalt Smile

Regina Ewalt, late Willamette dean of women, was a formidable woman whom many still remember. If she’s watching over us today, as she did decades ago, we’re sure she’s happy every time a Willamette alumnus or friend invests in a charitable gift annuity.

Dean Ewalt loved Willamette, and one of the best ways to demonstrate your love for Willamette — and your financial acumen — is by purchasing a gift annuity. In addition to high rates of return for you and/or a loved one (see below), an annuity will take a big bite out of your tax bill.

Typical one-life annuity rates (age rate):

60 - 4.4%

65 - 4.7%

75 - 5.8%

85 - 7.8%

90+ - 9%

For other ages or two-life rates — and any other questions about gift annuities — please contact Steve Brier at 503-370-6022 or Lori Hoby at 503-370-6546, or email us at giftplanning@willamette.edu.


Without donors like you, things go missing.

Thank you

...for providing new microscopes for science students. Snazzy carpet for the UC. Residence hall upgrades. Computers for the faculty. IT support for the entire campus. Dining chairs in Goudy Commons. Track uniforms for our top-performing team. Environmentally friendly fertilizer for the Quad. The commencement tent in case the “weather machine” breaks. Tuneups for Willamette vans to take the debate team, rugby team, moot court team, Take a Break students, and countless others to do remarkable things. Turf for the football field. Ceramics glaze for art students. Dry-erase markers for every whiteboard. Seedlings for Zena Farm. Scholarship support for countless deserving Willamette students.