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Alumni Tidbits and Briefs

Year in Review: WU Alumni Events For You

More than Laughs

Naturally, we try to orchestrate alumni events that are fun. Your input and leadership help meet that goal. But alumni events exist for other reasons: to provide you a service (such as networking or career advising) or to provide education (service events, Alumni Weekend lectures). There are plenty of reasons why Bearcats get together.

2012/13 has been an event-heavy year. As the spring semester comes and goes, we’re looking ahead to new ways to engage — and, yes, entertain — legions of Bearcats from all ages. Please join in!

Where We’ve Been in 2012/13

Chicago; Denver; Honolulu; Los Angeles; New York City; Portland; Salem; San Francisco; Seattle; Washington, D.C.

On the Calendar

A selection of scheduled events. Check willamette.edu/alumni/events for more information and to register.

  • Feb. 28, Portland | $mart $alary Negotiation Workshop for Women (and Men)
  • March 18, Seattle | Meet President Thorsett
  • March 23, Portland | Big Life Plan Career Workshop
  • April (dates and locations TBA) | Alumni Awards presentations
  • May 16, Portland | You’re Doing What With Your Degree?
  • July 20, Denver | Alumni Night at the Colorado Rockies
  • August (date TBA), Portland | Alumni Night at the Portland Timbers
  • Sept. 20–22, Salem | Alumni Weekend

The Gift of a Lifetime and Beyond

R.A. Booth (1858–1944)

What is placed as permanent endowment for education is the highest commitment I can make to my fellow man.”
— R.A. Booth (1858–1944)

You can have a lasting impact at Willamette by including the university in your will or living trust. A bequest from your estate can be directed to our endowment, which will support Willamette and our students forever.

During the past year, Willamette received bequests from the estates of the following alumni and friends:

  • Miriam (Hines) Bednarz BME/MME ’55
  • Gilbert Clausman ’47
  • Robert Donald ’60
  • Judith Eberhardt ’58
  • Margaret (Conklin) Ecker ’53
  • Barbara Gertson ’52
  • Randall Kester ’37
  • Bennett Ludden
  • William Nelson
  • Thelma (Ofstenhage) Ross
  • Reeva Schmidt ’43
  • John Thompson ’73
  • Clyde ’40 and Della Wiegand ’40

The thoughtfulness of the above individuals is making a real difference in the lives of all of our students.

To learn more, contact Steve Brier, associate vice president for gift planning at 866-204-8102, sbrier@willamette.edu or visit our website at willamette.edu/giftplanning.