Behind the Scenes: Images of the Past

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Winter 2014 Reader Responses

.(1)“This was a pivotal moment in my life,” says Leila Staffler ’01, describing the scene captured with Heidi Preuss Grew, associate professor of art. “I had entered college without solid writing skills. It took hours of one-on-one with my art teacher to learn about redundancy and punctuation. You could not tell from the picture but I was so frustrated that I cried. By the end of that session though, I had it down.”

.(2) University trustee Stew Butler ’61 identified himself as “the cute one,” far right, and correctly named his fellow spring ’61 class officers to his right: Joan Barber ’61 and Pete Weisel ’61. Both Butler and Charles Foster ’60 identified Dale Mortensen ’61 at far left. Foster says Norissa Leger is to Mortensen’s left.

.(3) Still unidentified are the two rafters on the Mill Stream near Rogers Music Center.