Willamette University

Production Team

  • Vice President of Enrollment and University Communications Michael Beseda
  • Class Notes Editor Daniel Johnson
  • Creative Director Mike Wright
  • Graphic Designers Susan Blettel, Mike Wright
  • Photographer Frank Miller
  • Web Developers Annie Aguirre ’10, Laura Levin
  • Contributors Erin Dahl, Sarah Evans, Daniel Johnson, Emma Jonas ’15, Robert McKinney, Frank Miller, Alex Paraskevas, Ben Peterson, Linda Peterson, Bob Rucker, Steve Thorsett

The Scene the magazine of Willamette University, is published three times each year by the University Communications. Its purpose is to share stories and campus conversations that help alumni and friends of Willamette stay meaningfully connected to the university.

The views presented in The Scene do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or the official policies and positions of Willamette University.

Contact us at scene@willamette.edu.