Living On Campus

By living on campus, you'll better integrate yourself into the vibrant student culture, and quickly build friendships that will endure a lifetime.

Living on campus offers:

  • Greater support for academic achievement
  • Growth in social maturity and self-reliance
  • An increased understanding of yourself and others
  • Better access to campus activities and fun

The benefits you can derive from your Willamette community depends largely upon you — how you get involved, share and interact with others. Our students strive to live in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other and for their living space. Therefore, we ask each of you to consider the impact your behavior may have upon your fellow community members.

Residency Requirement

All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus unless they are married, over the age of 21, have dependent family under their care (child or parent) or are living with parent(s)/legal guardian(s) within a commutable distance of 25 miles or less.

Learn more about the many options for on campus housing.