Clothing Share

Frequently Asked Questions

The Clothing Share is currently operated by a volunteer staff and supported by La Chispa de Salem (the Salem Spark).

The Clothing Share is open to all students in the College of Liberal Arts, the Atkinson Graduate School of Business, and the School of Law. This resource is free; no questions asked.

Visitors complete a form every time they use the Clothing Share. In this form, we ask for basic information, such as what items are being checked out, for what occasion(s) items will be used, and the last five digits of the student ID number. This system maintains the privacy of visitors, while also allowing Clothing Share coordinators to track how many repeat visitors the space receives (not who visits) and can thus accurately record usage information. When metrics are shared with administrators, ID numbers are not provided, only the number of users, types of items, and for what occasion clothing was needed. 

Visit the SOAR Center during business hours and the volunteer can accept donations.

Email and we will send you the information.

In the checkout form, we only ask for the last 5 digits of the users student ID number so that we have a unique identifier to track how often people use the Clothing Share. We do not have the resources to link the 5 digit number the user provides us with their identity.

There is a 6 item daily limit because we do not have the capacity to provide a full wardrobe to students. This limit ensures that there are resources for others to utilize and that this is a sustainable resource for students.

We are always in need of large and small clothes that would fit the occasions of business interviews, conferences, and internships.