The Willamette Fund

A strong annual fund is important to every university. The Willamette Fund (our annual fund) has been called a living endowment, providing essential support each year for Willamette's students, professors and facilities.

The generosity and support of alumni, parents, Willamette staff, friends and current students provides Willamette the ability to budget wisely, counting on the Willamette Fund to support all areas of the university.

Thanks to thousands of loyal and generous donors, this year will bring opportunities and enhancements to Willamette's students and professors. Students, living our motto "Not unto ourselves alone are we born," will be traveling nationally and internationally through Willamette supported educational opportunities, preparing for a rapidly changing and challenging world, mentored by our celebrated faculty and benefiting from an engaged Willamette community.

  • Thanks to all who stood together in support of Willamette students and professors during the 2015-16 academic/fiscal year. Your generosity invested over $1.4 million in Willamette students, faculty and programs.