Class Agent Program

Willamette University is proud to present a renewed and refreshed endeavor that helps support current students and professors while giving alumni more opportunities for engagement with Willamette and each other. We are currently re-launching a pilot version of a project you may recall from the past - the Class Agent Program.

As you know, one of the great responsibilities of being a WU alum is embodying our motto, "Not unto ourselves alone are we born." We need your help to keep tuition low while still maintaining the quality of education and campus environment that you enjoyed as a student. A class agent is someone who cares about his or her alma mater and wants to encourage their classmates to support Willamette, too.

Mission graphic

Position Expectations:

  • Use training materials to follow a program timeline and follow up with the Assistant Director of Annual Giving with any further questions.
  • Make a gift to the Willamette Fund this fiscal year (before May 31st).
  • Plan to solicit 8-10 members of your class by telephone (other means of communication can also be options). Multiple attempts through various channels may be necessary to make contact with your classmates. A successful contact may not always generate a gift, but will create a stronger connection between your classmate and WU. We will help you create your list of classmates.
  • Create your own personal message to your classmates to be used in a mailing and e-mails. Your letter, which can be based off of provided templates and drafts, will be sent to each member of your class in order to garner support for the university. We will help you craft your message.
  • Send an e-mail as follow up to your letter, reminding your classmates to take action and give back to your alma mater.
  • Thank your classmates for their contributions by writing personalized thank-you notes provided to you by the Office of Annual Giving.
  • Communicate with the Assistant Director of Annual Giving about any feedback you receive from your classmates