Tuition Freedom Day

Tuition Freedom Day is celebrated on March 20th, recognizing that tuition only covers 75 percent of the cost of a Willamette education. On March 20th, donor support and other sources begin bridging the gap.  To celebrate and thank donors for their needed and appreciated gifts, the Willamette community comes together to write thank you notes to donors and enjoy treats. Hundreds of students, faculty and staff participe and thank alumni, parents and friends for their investment in Willamette students, faculty and staff.

Here is a sampling of the thank you notes written by WU students:

  • "Dear donors,this university gave me the ability to look beyond myself and challenge my potential. I look forward to learning for the rest of my life, with an education from Willamette that gave me the ability to openly absorb the diversity in our world. I am winged now. Thank you!"
  • "Tuition Freedom Day has shown me that Willamette is a 'pay it forward' university. I plan on donating when I become an alum. It is an honor to know that alums are giving back and helping current students!"
  • "I wouldn't be here at Willamette without you. I don't know who you are, but you have helped make the biggest change in my life. This school has given me so many opportunities and I will always be so grateful. Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me."