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A Resolution You Must Keep: Take Control of Your Estate in 2015

Every year, we ritually make resolutions to improve our lives—exercise more, be on time, put more money into our savings accounts. While some resolutions are more critical than others, updating or creating your estate plan is one promise you must keep. [More]

Is Your Will Missing This?

If you want to protect your family and assets, then your will is the most vital document you can own. That's not all your will can accomplish, though. By adding a few simple words, you can extend your charitable support beyond your lifetime. [More]

Share Your Good Fortune

Learn how to shield your heirs from taxes by using retirement plan assets to fund your dreams for our future. [More]

A Penny-Wise Way to Help

Looking for creative ways to support Willamette University during your retirement years? By naming us as the beneficiary of your retirement plan assets or insurance policies, you can provide the support you desire without giving up assets today! [More]

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